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English 101 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

English 101 - Coursework Example ther side, the pundits unequivocally speak more loudly to stamp the atomic force as incredibly risky and a declining vitality source in view of diminishing extent of its creation. They point to the issue of putting away radioactive waste that has a high hazard for serious radioactive sullying and the chance of atomic multiplication. So it is positively a basic discussion. We can see these explanatory impacts of the positive and negative disposition towards atomic force. Albeit atomic force plants have a past record of security and productivity with releasing no green house gases in the environment, the inquiry is the reason the quantity of plants in U.S.A has been declined in the previous scarcely any years and the level of power from atomic force isn't as high as that of different nations like Japan, France. It is said that the business has been declined in view of savage enthusiastic protection from this temperamental innovation that has an incredible capability of unplanned lethal radiation. Is it simply an enthusiastic issue to challenge this genuine issue? The truth of the matter is the reason it would be inconsistent innovation when it has productivity, maintainability and security of activity. So it very well may be said that it is the abuse of this innovation which can be gone in to the worldwide danger. The most amusing thing is that still there is no activity to create the new innovation to arrange the plants’ radioactive waste. So despite the fact that it isn't creating green house gases however its unmannered waste is genuinely risky for general wellbeing and safety.At last it is likewise referenced that the VP Dick Cheney accentuated on building new atomic force plants, yet it's anything but an amusing to construct new atomic force plants in a short

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Nursing Scope Of Practice And Medical Errors Example

Nursing Scope Of Practice And Medical Errors Example Nursing Scope Of Practice And Medical Errors †Article Example Nursing Scope of Practice and Medical Errors Establishing an away from of training for attendants is successful in staying away from clinical blunders. With this stated, what are the exercises a certified medical caretaker working may perform today? Indeed, a few states presently permit nurture specialists and confirmed attendant birthing specialists to keep an eye on patients and endorse drugs without a physician’s endorsement (The Future of Nursing: Focus on Scope of Practice - Institute of Medicine, n.d.).However, flow laws in numerous states approves that attendants give immediate and backhanded patient consideration, for example, guaranteeing their security, comfort, individual cleanliness, insurance of patients, and execution of malady avoidance and helpful measures. To be increasingly explicit, among the free obligations of enrolled attendants are to watch side effects of sicknesses, response to treatment and general conduct which turns into the premise of an inception of crisis or clinical methodology. Beside which, a nurse’s subordinate capacities would incorporate the presentation of skin tests, vaccination, extraction of human blood and organization of drug. Finally, among their reliant capacity is execute fitting normalized methodology or changes in treatment routine of a patient subsequent to watching signs and indications of sicknesses or a urgent response to treatment (Bailey, L., 2011).Indeed, having an away from of training for attendants will decrease clinical blunders particularly in light of the fact that they can concentrate on developing their insight on explicit clinical capacities as opposed to performing dependent on general clinical information. Beside that, it is useful to have clear medication marks, being comfortable with prescription stockpiling, and information in appropriate medication use and checking to keep away from instances of clinical misbehavior and mistakes (American Nurse Today, n.d.).Bibliography:The Futu re of Nursing: Focus on Scope of Practice - Institute of Medicine. (n.d.). The Future of Nursing: Focus on Scope of Practice - Institute of Medicine. Recovered May 20, 2014, from, L. (2011). An Explanation of the Scope of RN Practice Including Standardized Procedures. California, USA: Department of Consumer Affairs.American Nurse Today. (n.d.). American Nurse Today. Recovered May 20, 2014, from

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buy custom Childhood Obesity in the United States essay

purchase custom Childhood Obesity in the United States article In the United States, stoutness has been recognized as one of the most hindering and hazardous conditions. Individuals, with an end goal to spare time, have turned towards the utilization of unfortunate quick nourishments. What's more, brief period is committed towards practices since people must meet their day by day costs and month to month bills. This culture has been passed down from the guardians to the youngsters. Guardians neither teach nor present decisions to their kids. What's more, undesirable nourishments that expansion the dangers of the kid being overweight, and subsequently stout, encompass our youngsters: from the school cafeteria to their stuffed snacks. This has not just profoundly affected their wellbeing, yet in addition places them at a fundamentally high danger of contracting ceaseless maladies and perilous conditions, for example, cardiovascular breakdown. Our kids are the eventual fate of this country. Key methodologies must be set up if this grievous pattern is to be turned around. This exposition will break down corpulence in youngsters and propose courses through which it very well may be evaded. A report by the Center for Disease Control expresses that over the most recent thirty years, frequencies on the event of heftiness and related conditions have nearly significantly increased. Around 17% of people matured 2-19 years are corpulent. This means 12.5 million individuals. It is critical to separate among large and overweight people. An overweight individual is one whose weight list (BMI) extends between the 85th and 95th percentiles. Then again, a large individual has a BMI surpassing the 95th percentile (Touliatos 1). Henceforth, after some time, an overweight individual gets large. Notwithstanding the way that an overweight individual has a lower BMI, they are confronted with significant wellbeing dangers, which now and again are similarly as high as those looked by a hefty individual. In this manner, if heftiness is to be effectively handled, the techniques utilized must address the individuals who are overweight. There are a few main considerations that lead to weight. Initial, a childs dietary propensities have been recognized as the main source of stoutness. Continued abundance utilization of calories prompts a fast put on in weight. Kids have moved away from the utilization of sound nourishments and embraced a culture which advances the utilization of quick nourishments. Nourishments, for example, entire grains, foods grown from the ground have been avoided and named as customary. Rather, youngsters and adolescents have moved towards sweet beverages, handled bites, burgers and different nourishments which have elevated cholesterol and starch levels. What's more, youngsters have received poor dietary examples, whereby a kid eats food during unpredictable hours, for example, when sitting in front of the TV. Also, hereditary elements and family ancestry may contribute towards heftiness. Regardless of the way that hereditary qualities don't exclusively contribute towards heftiness, a youngster whose nearby family members, for example, father or sibling are fat is at a higher danger of getting overweight. Hereditary defenselessness to overweight conditions and heftiness has been ascribed to the cooperation between hereditary, ecological and conduct factors. Nonetheless, such cases are uncommon in the United States. Thirdly, a childs social-monetary status extraordinarily impacts a childs weight. Dietary and sustenance rehearses are typically overlooked in low-salary families. Thus kids conceived in these families are probably going to expend food with unhealthy levels. Then again, youngsters raised in center pay and high-salary families are bound to watch their eating regimens. What's more, they have adequate assets available to them. Thus, they can counsel the significant clinical specialist so as to distinguish an appropriate eating regimen. Furthermore, corpulence lopsidedly influences kids as per race and ethnicity. In any case, these cases have just been connected to race and ethnicity because of the way that greater part of these families are in center pay or low-levels of pay. Thusly, African American and Hispanic youngsters getting a charge out of the equivalent financial status as white kids are not really presented to higher dangers in contrast with their partners. Also, when a kid is genuinely inert, barely any calories are worn out. Todays technically knowledgeable kids and teenagers invest the greater part of their energy playing PC games and sitting in front of the TV. Likewise, their folks have occupied calendars which request that they commit a large portion of their time attempting to get by. Subsequently, there is next to zero time left to connect with their children in ordinary physical exercise. Though a few schools have set up a few after-school practice programs, for example, soccer, they have not been made completely necessary. At last, parental decisions and impacts incredibly influence the eating regimen and nourishment practices of their youngsters. When a youngster is conceived, guardians are exclusively liable for picking a fitting newborn child taking care of plan. During earliest stages and later phases of improvement, guardians profit and advance a few nourishments over others. Subsequently, guardians who incline toward nourishments with a high immersion of fat and cholesterol are probably going to impact their youngsters towards expending a comparative eating regimen. Be that as it may, such impacts decrease with age. Young people tastes and inclinations vary broadly from their folks in contrast with newborn children, whose diets are set up by their folks (Zogby 1). Overweight and fat youngsters are looked by different wellbeing dangers just as close to home issues. To start with, they have been seen to have low confidence. Consequently, they have a poor view of themselves which prompts misery. Also, they are probably going to be segregated and victimized by their companions since they can't take part in social exercises, for example, physical youth games. Furthermore, corpulent youngsters are looked by a large group of hindering wellbeing conditions, for example, hypertension, challenges in breathing and respiratory conditions, for example, asthma and rest apnea, Type 2 diabetes, gallstones and kidney infirmities (Hassink 10). The American Academy of Pediatrics is an association that is committed towards guaranteeing that the United States kids are sound as well as liberated from maladies. The association proposes different techniques through which heftiness, and its related conditions, can be annihilated. Procedures associated with guaranteeing that youngsters lead a solid way of life include guardians, showing staff at their separate schools, the general population, and the kids themselves. These are the people who structure the childs condition and should accomplice so as to guarantee a fruitful battle (Hassink 16). The battle against heftiness adopts a three-pronged strategy. In the first place, the chiild must devour a decent eating regimen. Youngsters, adolescents specifically, have been baited by the media through promotions towards the utilization of nourishments that are exceptionally immersed with fats and sugars, for example, bites and burgers. Furthermore, the majority of these nourishments are devoured unpredictably. Guardians must not just guarantee that the kid takes a fair eating routine, yet in addition guarantee that food is taken at standard interims, generally after at regular intervals during the day. Also, the kid must participate in customary activities, for example, sports, running or strolling a significant separation. Todays guardians have a feverish calendar that doesn't permit them to allot a lot of time to their kids. Be that as it may, such duties can be directed at school. Youngsters must take an interest in standard activities so as to wear out additional calories wh ich in any case lead to the amassing of weight. At last, exceptional projects ought to be set up so as to address different conditions looked by youngsters who are as of now overweight. This necessitates guardians counsel a pediatrician or the applicable clinical official on diet and activities that the kid ought to take part in. For example, stout kids may have issues taking part in different after-school sports because of respiratory or heart conditions. They should initially be put under an uncommon program. Thereafter, when their weight has decreased adequately, they would then be able to be permitted to take part in these games. The American Academy of Pediatrics has proposed a few procedures for use by guardians, instructors and people in general. To start with, the family should work all things considered towards keeping up a legitimate eating regimen and in doing standard activities. This guarantees the youngsters are not singled out. During free nights and ends of the week, the family ought to take an interest in joint exercises, for example, strolling, playing croquet or football. Also, guardians ought to be cautious with regards to what their youngsters expend and their eating designs. They should enroll the assistance of a doctor. By breaking down your childs weight, tallness and weight record, the doctor can make reasonable suggestions that shield the childs development and improvement cycle. Thirdly, the guardians ought to assess their childrens wholesome admissions. By eating dinners together, a parent will set up whether the youngster has expended adequate enhancements in his/her eating regimen. T hirdly, schools should stock solid food decisions, for example, low-fat dairy items and new natural products in their cafeterias. So also, a parent should set aside effort to survey the schools cafeteria menu and entryway for the presentation of solid nourishments where such are missing. At long last, the two guardians and instructors ought to direct the sum spent sitting in front of the TV and on electrical contraptions, for example, the PC and cell phone. This urges the kid to create interests in physical exercises, for example, sports. All in all, corpulence is a remarkable issue among youngsters and adolescents. We should all unite so as to protect the eventual fate of the youthful age. Likewise, guardians ought not be exclusively accused of the duty of observing their childrens dietary practices. Or maybe, encouraging staff and the open must unite with the guardians in guaranteeing that youngsters don't settle on undesirable food decisions. This won't o

Behaviour Modification Approaches In Us Public Schools

The developing requirement for viable systems in training and remedying wayward understudies in the US government funded schools has become incipient these days. Conduct change is basic in displaying youngsters who’ll become mindful individuals from the general public. Viability of conduct change strategies supposedly reduces aberrance and hazardous characters in a child.The adequacy of social abilities and social immunization techniques which have extinguished sub-methodology are conduct alteration approachs whose point of view is to utilize culture and associations inside the social setting to uphold legitimate good projections in government funded schools. Techniques to adjust conduct have changed from forceful systems like caning, however enactment and physiological research has minimized the adequacy and brought up wellbeing suggestions radiating from these methodologies.Expulsions, suspensions and parental counsel and parent-instructor joint effort to authorize, guidance and right indiscipline in understudies is a methodology which is so far an ordinary practice. The need to comprehend these techniques, the significance of their effects and achievement in adjusting and changing conduct in understudies in the US state funded schools is principal and indispensable in the government funded educational systems. US state funded schools are having issues actualizing different conduct alteration strategies because of different enactment laws.There is likewise the developing need to recognize modalities to handle the expanding understood character and practices which are adversely influencing different understudies in these schools. Medication misuse, liquor addiction, early sex, smoking, offbeat language and outward ness towards educators, network and different understudies are risky characters found in the understudies and should be adjusted. This paper investigates the different systems and techniques utilized to alter these risky practices and training understudies in the US state funded schools. IntroductionSocial abilities and social immunization strategies have been seriously assessed as group and successful conduct change systems in government funded schools. These school-based methodologies grew first in smoking avoidance and later applied to different substances have been for all intents and purposes allowable because of their way to deal with instructor parent and society joint effort to bestow and address flippant conduct in understudies. In any case, intellectual control techniques have prompted progressively curt ways to deal with teaching and adjusting conduct in students.Suspensions and removals have effectively imparted order and positive temperances in understudies. A zero resilience on indiscipline approach has now become the lead strategy applied in US government funded schools. Zero resistance approach as been in power as a proactive way to deal with an apparent ascent in posses, medications, and viciousness in U nited States government funded schools and network. Normally, zero resilience approaches command foreordained results or disciplines for indicated offense. These strategies have been liable to banter regarding whether they are successful and whether they have unintended outcomes that contrarily influence students.This approach has become the rule strategy in US state funded schools. This conduct adjustment approach is frequently described by disciplinary activity that rebuffs all understudies seriously paying little heed to relieving elements, for example, seriousness of infraction, age, or aim.. Be that as it may, guardians and a few officials frequently scrutinize the procedure refering to significant wellbeing suggestions. The requirement for embracing these systems is significant, particularly in this wake of a gigantic people in the United States. The multi social part of the network in which the masses is made out of different networks .I. e. Caucasian, blacks and Whites is pr oblematic because of contradicting interests and mentalities towards training and good veneer of every understudy from every network. As indicated by measurements, acceleration of good decadency and the obvious ness of sexuality in youngsters is a greater amount of a mind boggling social mess and a characteristic social issue with wide spread ramifications on the long haul and unfriendly financial wellbeing suggestions on family and the open space. This has been showed in state funded schools wherein the practices and indiscipline are seen.On substance misuse and viciousness, educators in school need to distinguish the time and spot where their understudies take part in liquor addiction. This will help in recognizing appropriate methods for making recreational or rehabilitative timetables for these understudies. Medication misuse and alcoholic binges for the most part occur somewhere in the range of 3pm and 7pm (www. samhsa. gov) outside the school compound or property, or in the mo st ignored and limitedly visited territories of these two conditions. The most widely recognized alcoholic substances manhandled are brew and spirits (www. samhsa. gov).These accelerations In moral issues in understudies and guilty pleasure in sexual practices, viciousness, insolent, bullish, and different risky characters is progressively influencing the degree of instruction in American government funded schools. Research show such huge numbers of young people are currently unfit to get done with tutoring because of guilty pleasure in terrible ethics and risky exercises and in this manner being ousted from school while others drop out in quest for these indecencies. The need to address and alter these practices and capture any heightening of these issues n the government funded schools is getting necessary in the training system.Methodologies and approaches are being utilized and extensively used to counter the circumstances and model understudies into mindful youngsters who are a llowable in the advanced American culture. In addition, distinguishing issues in understudies and utilizing the best possible advising and conduct adjustment system is imperative. Issues looked by US state funded educational system in regards to understudies with terrible conduct The issues looked by the government funded schools beginning with dropping out school by understudies because of their guilty pleasure and resulting inundation in tricky lives like being guardians or in any event, going to jail.Secondly, understudies these days have created different practices which are esteemed perilous. There is additionally a developing pattern of understudies rehearsing and showing corrupt projections which don't reflect regard of upstanding ethics and practices and are esteemed ill bred. As per examine directed in Baltimore, coming up next are the issues looked in US state funded schools (Brecht Donoghue , 2004) †¢ Possession, use or conveyance of tobacco on school property †¢ Disruptive conduct †¢ Verbal provocation †¢ Possession of medications or liquor †¢ Possession of weapons or guns †¢ Arson†¢ Vandalizing, harming, mutilating, or decimating school property †¢ Violent practices/ambushes, awful battling †¢ Extortion, intimidation, coercion, and theft †¢ Trespassing †¢ Damaging property †¢ Insubordination †¢ Dress code infringement †¢ Cheating/duplicating crafted by another †¢ Fighting †¢ Possession of electronic gadgets (e. g. , beepers, phones) †¢ Sexual provocation †¢ Sexual unfortunate behavior †¢ Verbal maltreatment, ethnic slurs, revolting articulations or signals, including the appropriation of foul material †¢ Misbehavior on transport or school transportation †¢ Disorderly lead †¢ Gambling†¢ Assault on school staff Behavior mediation approaches Frank M. Gresham (2004), contends that Behavioral intercessions is conceptualized utilizing four wide hypothetical classifications: (an) applied conduct examination, (b) social learning hypothesis, (c) psychological conduct treatment, and (d) neobehavioristic S-R hypothesis (Powers and Franks, 1988). Applied conduct examination (ABA) dives legitimately from Skinner's (1953) operant molding work and depends on the three-term possibility that portrays the practical connection between predecessors, practices, and outcomes (Gresham, 2004).Social subjective hypothesis uses the idea of vicarious learning and the job of psychological intervention forms in figuring out which natural occasions are taken care of, held, and in this way performed when an individual is presented to displaying boosts (Gresham, 2004 pp 327). Social learning hypothesis depends on the idea of corresponding determinism that portrays the job a person's conduct has on changing the earth and the other way around (Bandura, 1986). A significant part of the work in social abilities intercessions uses displaying as a f undamental treatment technique (Elliott and Gresham, 1991; Gresham, 2002).Cognitive conduct treatment (CBT) expect that a person's conduct because of ecological occasions is intervened by their insights or musings (327). The objective of CBT is to change maladaptive comprehensions that, thusly, lead to changes in conduct. Strategies, for example, self-guidance, self assessment, adjustment of maladaptive self talk, and critical thinking are utilized in CBT to change conduct (Kendall, 1985). CBT mediations are regularly utilized in the clinical treatment of tension and disposition (wretchedness, dysthymia) issues (Kazdin, 1990; Laurent and Potter, 1998).Neo-behavioristic S-R models depend on highlights of old style (respondent) molding and evasion learning in which maladaptive reactions are adapted to boosts in the earth (Gresham pp 327). Techniques, for example, methodical desensitization and presentation based medications (e. g. , flooding, implosion) for treating nervousness issue and fanatical urgent issue depend on these S-R models of learning. These ideas have been analyzed into oversimplified approaches by school specialists and training stakeholders.They have been consolidated in the state funded school conduct remedy resources as philosophies whose adequacy fluctuates with the degree of conduct multifaceted design and degree of impact on the regard and view by the educators Behavior change techniques used to address this indiscipline Various present day ways to deal with these issue

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People Accused Of Violent Crimes Should Not Be Allowed To Post Bail :: essays research papers

Individuals Accused of Violent Crimes Should Not Be Allowed To Post Bail Individuals blamed for brutal violations ought not be permitted to post bail and stay out of prison while their preliminary is pending. There are numerous motivations to why I firmly concur with this announcement. Numerous elements are obscure to general society without directing a type of broad research. Regardless of whether it is essentially perusing in the paper about pending preliminaries, or as convoluted as exploring past preliminaries. Bail is chosen by an appointed authority, and their lives are dedicated to taking care of these kinds of choices. There are three strong motivations to why I feel it is important to deny bail to those blamed for savage violations. One is that all conditions for discharge are chosen by an appointed authority who is completely mindful of the conditions. Another is that these respondents, since being captured, ought to be viewed as a risk to open security. My last, and last, reason is that my method of reasoning firmly concurs with disavowal of bail to the blamed. Â Â Â Â Â In Nebraska, as written in the Statutes of Nebraska, bail is conceded after an adjudicator considers the nature and conditions of the offense charged. This adjudicator takes a gander at the litigants family ties, work, money related assets, character and mindset, having lived in the network, conviction records, and record of court appearances or of trip to maintain a strategic distance from indictment or inability to show up. An adjudicator, when choosing if bail is to be without a doubt, doesn't simply flip a coin to choose. The person takes a gander at all parts of the circumstance. Everything rests in the appointed authority's hands. At the point when an adjudicator takes a gander at an individual blamed for a rough wrongdoing, for example, murder, a couple of things are obligated to fly into point of view. One would be to how brutal and negative the allegations are. Any sane figuring individual would understand that whenever captured, they are in doubt. In this way, a state selected appointed authority is additionally going to understand that this individual must be a danger, particularly whenever blamed for a brutal wrongdoing. It doesn't disregard the charged rights, on the grounds that once in custody, their privileges are carefully characterized as what the appointed authority's official choice may be. Â Â Â Â Â This drives me to my next point, that these denounced individuals are a risk. The motivation behind bail, as characterized by the Nebraska Statute, is to guarantee that the litigant will appear at the preliminary. I explored a situation where this was emphatically thought of. Brian Mase is blamed for shooting and slaughtering John Boyer, after Boyer would not leave Mase's home. They were in a battle about a taken watch.

Middle School Topics For Persuasive Essay - What Are Your Tips For Writing?

Middle School Topics For Persuasive Essay - What Are Your Tips For Writing?Writing a persuasive essay is a difficult task, but it can be made easier with some helpful tips. First of all, avoid things that could distract you from your writing. I realize that this is an awfully broad list, but it covers nearly everything in your life that could cause you to not be as organized as you need to be. Try and get rid of things like pets, televisions, family, work, etc.Write about what is going on in your life. There are so many events happening around you at this very moment that you should be able to find something to write about in your life. Remember that your readers will want to know what happened to you, not just what happened to you. This means that your essay has to give them enough information to make them want to know more.Create a narrative that gives your readers information that they can use to learn more about what motivates you, which will help them better understand your purp ose in writing a persuasive essay. Don't just stick to facts, though, you want to be engaging and entertaining as well. That way your reader will be drawn into your writing and will find yourself glued to the page and wanting to continue reading.Keep the style of your persuasive essay consistent. Don't go out of your way to change your style every other paragraph or sentence, that will just throw your reader off. However, if you have a few different styles that all play a role in your writing, then it will show through.Use only two paragraphs to get across the most important points to your readers. If you can keep your paragraphs under one hundred words, you will be surprised how effective your essay will be. Short sentences make a powerful first impression, so make sure to include those. Make sure your sentences also flow smoothly, no unnecessary pausesor jumbled up letters and words.Finally, make sure that your persuasive essay has a focus. By focusing on a single topic, you will make the most of your essay, since you are writing about a single thing. You may also decide to write about two or three subjects instead of just one. Try writing about your school experiences and other things that can relate to the material you are writing about.These tips will make your persuasive essay more effective because you will have the right direction in order to write the right words. They will also give you an idea of what will and won't work for you.With the right writing skills, your middle school topics for persuasive essay will be very effective. Your first draft may not be quite perfect, but it is fine. That is the process you need to use in order to get the most out of your writing. You might not get every word perfect in the first draft, but it will get better as you write more and keep practicing.

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Form, Style, and the Individual in Judith Wrights Poetry and The Lorax - Literature Essay Samples

Through the process of exploring various representations of people and landscapes, particularly an individual’s connections to real, remembered or imagined landscape, society is enabled to unpack the complex human interaction with the world around them. The complexity of the relationship between people and landscapes is evident in its uniqueness and the consequences it has on the individual’s identity. When an individual manipulates the landscape for their own purposes, the result is the ultimate destruction of the landscape and the demise of an individual’s identity. Yet the landscape does have the opportunity to regenerate out of this state of destruction if the people sustain unity in their relationship with the landscape. These notions are represented in Judith Wright’s poems â€Å"Brothers and Sisters† and â€Å"Flame Tree In A Quarry† and Dr Seuss’ children’s picture book, â€Å"The Lorax†, which ultimately testify to how the exploitation of form and style enables composers to represent the distinct elements of the relationship between people and landscapes. An individual’s intention of manipulating the landscape can be challenged through their relationship with the landscape. This is represented in Wright’s poem â€Å"Brothers and Sisters† and through the environmentalist and colonial context of Wright, the poem is noted to convey the ineptness of the European settlers who alter the landscape which ultimately results in the destruction of the landscape. The symbolism of the bridge and the orchards in â€Å"The blue print for the bridge was out of date and now their orchards never would be planted† suggests the lost connection in the relationship between people and landscapes, as a bridge symbolises a connection between people and landscapes whilst orchards symbolise the potential for wealth through business. Wright’s perspective to work in unity with the environment rather than seeing it as an antagonist force is represented in â€Å"There is nothing to be afraid of. Nothing at all.† Yet through the use of irony and the repetition of ‘nothing’, Wright is able to simultaneously communicate the European perspective of the Australian environment as being threatening and having the potential to kill them as their is no means of escaping, as the connotation of ‘nothing’ has been inverted to represent death. Diverging from Wright’s poem, the acquisition of wealth without the consideration of maintaining the relationship between people and landscapes is evident in Seuss’ children book â€Å"The Lorax†. Through the benign textual form and use of simple syntax, Seuss is able to convey a complex, political idea to confront capitalism and communicate environmentalist issues to children of many generations. Through the â€Å"Thneed†, Seuss highlights the ridiculousness of people desiring to purchase products merely because they appear popular, while the environment is being destroyed, to the point where the Truffula trees are all felled, not for a product required to sustain human life, but for vanity’s sake. Seuss progresses this idea through the colours in his book becoming progressively darker and duller with larger and further dominating illustrations of the Onceler to represent to a young generation how individuals can destroy the landscape for the purpo ses of acquiring wealth. The fact that the Onceler’s identity is not represented in the simple illustrations conveys to children that when an individual sustains disunity in their relationship with the landscape, they lose their identity. Through this, Dr Seuss is also able to suggest, in a non-confronting format, the Faceless Corporations who ruin the environment and do not admit to their damages on the environment and people. Therefore, consequences arise for both people and landscapes, when the landscape is destroyed for mans purposes. Although individuals may destroy the landscape for their own purposes, the landscape has the opportunity to regenerate if unity is sustained in the relationship between people and landscapes. This is represented in Wright’s â€Å"Flame Tree In A Quarry† where Wright’s environmentalist concerns are projected through an imagined landscape. Through the use of alliteration and unnatural imagery in â€Å"From the broken bone of the hill†¦ leaps out this bush of blood†, the landscape is represented to be in a state of man-made destruction. Yet the word ‘leaps’ and the blood imagery signifies how the landscape is initiating its regeneration as blood is the necessary force to sustain life. The use of first person pronouns in â€Å"I drink you with my sight and I am filled with fire† represents how Wright feels personally affected by the destruction of the landscape. The symbolism of the fire represents how the landscape is is regenerating. The fact that Wright is ‘filled with fire’ indicates how her identity is positively shaped by sustaining unity with the landscape through its regeneration. Similar to Wright’s poem, Seuss conveys the potential for landscape to regenerate if unity is sustained in the relationship between people and landscapes. The recurring motif of the word ‘unless’ allows the text to become simple and profound in its political and symbolic power as it infuses a children’s text with environmentalism. Dr Seuss communicates to children through the character of the Lorax that: â€Å"Unless someone like you cares an awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.† This is a powerful political statement concerning the regeneration of the landscape and reveals Dr Seuss’ brilliance in engaging children with environmentalism in a non-confronting form. Moreover, the word ‘unless’ is also noted on the brick circle where the Lorax rose to reinforce this simple message. The fact that the boy stands in the brick circle with his identity clarified suggests how he is sustaining unity with the landscape, allowing the landscape to have a positive impact on his identity. Therefore, the landscape is able to regenerate when people sustain unity in their relationship with the landscape. Wright’s â€Å"Brothers and Sisters† and â€Å"Flame Tree In A Quarry† and Dr Seuss’ â€Å"The Lorax† represents the complex relationship between people and landscapes. â€Å"Brothers and Sisters† illustrates that when an individual manipulates the the landscape for their own purposes, they lose their identity. â€Å"Flame Tree In A Quarry† demonstrates the power of a landscape to regenerate and impact upon an individual’s identity. Dr Suess’ picture book â€Å"The Lorax† represents these notions explored in Wright’s poems yet in a different format.